Artistically Connecting
You To Your
Family History

Artistically Connecting
You To Your
Family History

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Get a Free Lottie chart PDF when you sign-up. Perfect to start your history or to introduce a child to genealogy.

Worthy of Framing.

Don’t leave your family tree rolled up in a tube or hidden in a box in your closet.

The family bond is that much stronger in families that have traditions & heritage. Family serves as part of a person’s identity. Heritage provides a sense of family and security within that family.

Let me help you get your research out of your computer or boxes. Let’s make it visual for everyone to enjoy.

My passion is to design visuals which honour your family history – and to trigger the family stories, to keep them alive. I create unique books, posters and charts. Every project is a custom work of art designed from your research.




Features your family photo(s) in the background and up to seven (7) generations of Parental family history.




Features a family from the past and the branches grow to present day families. This poster is all about the cousins! Easily see how you relate. Geographic backgrounds are included.




Shop from English or French eight generation colour Pedigree Charts, DNA Worksheets, DNA kits and more.

We make custom books

From picture books for your kids to a reunion magazine for that upcoming multi-generational shindig, We will work with you to create a keepsake that will keep your family talking for years.

Available in a variety of sizes and pages. We offer complete printing services. This is as easy as it gets!

Guide To Poster Styles

8 Generation Family Chart


“I want to say a huge THANK YOU for the wonderful work you have done on our visual family tree. It is truly one of the most meaningful and lovely pieces of art in our home. It’s hard to put into words the emotions when we see our family members, ancestors, and their relationships so beautifully depicted throughout the generations. It’s also the perfect way to show our children, and future grandchildren, where they come from and their important place in our family…”

~ Alistair Young, Langley, British Columbia
Great Great Great Grandson of James HILL

“…FMS Family Trees created a poster that was the hit of our reunion and that will help us to retain and stitch together some of that history. You could see people talking while looking at the tree, finally sorting out who was related to whom and how. For the younger members of the family, there was amazement at how far back in time we could trace our roots and how often names repeated themselves and why…”

~ Beatrice Hertz Cleary, Ottawa, Ontario
Wife to the Great Great Great Grandson of Richard CLEARY

“… your passion for ancestry research and exceptional artistic ability came to my rescue. The details were astounding and I was completely surprised about some of the facts you turned up on my family which only added to the story telling of my soon to be most excellent gift ever. The photos used for the background were beautifully illustrated and correlated exactly from where my family originated. There was a meaning to everything in my family tree, even the font you had chosen had a story to tell… It was truly a work of art, it was beautiful and even more meaningful to my mother than I had even hoped for. It was your attention to detail that allowed me to be a storyteller on Christmas day…”

~ Jason Verbeke, Surrey, British Columbia
Great Great Great Grandson of Petrus VERBEKE
Great Great Grandson of Oscar Barthalimeau BARRETT


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