Sue Sullivan, the Graphic Genealogist is a professional Graphic Designer and owner of FMS Creative Inc. In 2010 she was bit by the genealogy bug and after several months of uncovering great aunts and third cousins (twice removed), inspiration struck. What would an extended family tree, full of cousins look like? As a visual person, a line chart simply would not do. Sue wanted something visceral, a bold picture that told the story of generations. This was the genesis of Family Ancestrees.

Sue’s experiment began with her Cross Family. As she worked, developing circles that included whole families, her design grew into exactly what she visualized, something that was attractive and easy to see how everyone fit together.


Of course, the trees became the envy of Sue’s genealogy circle. After the umpteenth request, she figured out a way to streamline the “family circles” by authoring an algorithm. What was an overwhelming process is now mechanized to allow her to focus on designing “original art” for every family tree poster.

The new generation of posters are smaller and frameable. Perfect for hanging in your home and opening the conversation to your family history.

Family Ancestrees received many requests for a more traditional pedigree tree. In the Fall of 2017 Sue designed her first parentage poster. These are so personal and focus on a family photo—surrounded by parents and love.

About FMS Creative Inc.

FMS Creative was founded in 1998. Using her incredible determination and business skills, she began throwing her passion into different design projects. Sue’s mission was simple: to create inspiring design that met her client’s special vision. Today, she holds her entire team to this standard. Her boutique studio embraces diverse styles, techniques, and influences, to create work that’s visually stunning and just a bit surprising—to help client’s capture the right kind of attention. FMS Creative is the perfect graphic outsource SOLUTION for in-house Marketing.

Visit www.fmscreative.com to learn more about Sue and her professional graphics studio.

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