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This summer, starting July 2 through to August 15, Clues to find your Dear Ancestors will be released each week (fourteen total).

Teams will use clues to find their own Dear Ancestors that fit the description and save copies of the record(s),images or descriptions of the answer for the clue.

For seasoned family researchers (Senior Detectives) the goal is to engage your Junior Detective (15 years and under) and help them discover their own family and the love of genealogy. You will help them record their family tree and start to learn the family stories.

At the end of the summer teams will have an additional two weeks to get their “Dear Ancestors” organized and submit their completed list to enter for the chance to win an AncestryDNA kit and a Family Ancestrees Timeline Poster.


  • Teams do not have to be related
  • Fourteen Clues will be released on Social Media and to Registered Teams by email between July 3 and August 10
  • You can register and start anytime before August 20th
  • Completed Scavenger Hunt must be submitted prior to August 31st 2021 (Descriptions of up to 12 Dear Ancestors plus proof records/images – see Welcome email and instructions)
  • Registration is FREE
  • Subscription to Paid Databases (ie: Ancestry) not required
  • Social Media accounts are not required, although helpful
  • It is helpful if at the least the Senior Detective is familiar with Family
  • Teams may have multiple Junior Detectives


  • The Dear Ancestor Scavenger Hunt is open to residents of Canada and the United States
  • Teams are about the Junior discovering family history and may have multiple Junior Detectives with one Senior Detective
  • Only completed Dear Ancestor Scavenger Hunts qualify for an entry for the Grand Prize

TEAM Registration Form:

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* (Note: will be addressed c/o Detective “Team Name”. Could be Junior or Senior Detectives address)

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