Heirloom Keepsake Book Art from C$1497

Your ideas are blooming around a one-of-kind legacy project that will be handed down over generations to come.

Looking back on your journey, you have come to cherish both the stories of your own life along with those of your ancestors. Along the way your definition of family has expanded with marriages, grandchildren, divorces and new partnerships.

As the cycles of the moon continued to pass, the complexity of your heritage deepened along with its’ richness.

Now it’s time to tell the stories and I would be truly honoured to listen to you share them.

I am a collaborator, curator, guide and graphic artist.

Together we’ll unearth the deep roots of your family tree and co-author the most beautiful collection of your family history. One day soon, you will hold this tapestry of ancestral stories in your hands and your soul will smile.

Heirloom Keepsake Book Art is available in the following styles: Pocketbook Story, Photobook Story, Personal Life-Story

Cover choices: Hardcover plus dust jacket, hardcover, or softcover.

Book Art includes: photoshop editing of your images, high-resolution print-ready art files, file transfer service, print management, and file archival.

Book a Collaboration Call with Sue:

Art Proofs

I will edit your family story for spelling and grammar. This will be the first proof you receive. It’s the best time to take a close look for obvious errors.

The second proof is the exciting first peek at your cover art and layouts of inside pages!

The art for your ancestor’s story is building and you will receive a few more proofs to be sure everything is as perfect as it can be.


“It was a lucky day for me a few months ago when I finally met Susan Sullivan, who had been recommended to me by Eunice Robinson, President of the BC Genealogical Society.  I  had started a family history of my paternal grandmother and her 12 children, and their families – all my aunts and uncles and cousins I had grown up with. I am 89 and had finally realized  I was the last living member of this family who actually knew all these people well, and once I am gone, our family history will be lost.

I spent months researching births, marriages and deaths and writing anecdotal memories of all these people, but was unable to find a format to put all this information together. When I met Susan, I knew I had found the perfect partner. Susan has enormous energy and works unceasingly for her client. She constantly amazed me with her skills in presentation of the material and layout and all the effort she put into additional research that would have been unavailable to me. We had chosen a small book format which has now been printed, copies of which I am now proudly sending to all the surviving generations of my grandmother’s family. It has been a remarkable experience working with Susan and I highly recommend her talents to anyone who is interested in creating a history of their own ancestry. I cannot thank you enough, Susan, for all your hard work, your dedication and friendship.”


Curation Service Add-ons for the Heirloom Keepsake Book Art