Heirloom Poster Art from C$347

The gift of visual storytelling through one of my legacy art pieces is a priceless treasure that will touch the hearts of the people you care most about — maybe make them cry in the best way possible.

As you share more about your vision with me, you empower me with the seeds I need to cultivate that vision. It is important to me that the process is both simple and rewarding for you.

Together, we will curate a masterpiece that is truly unique and exceptional.

This heartfelt gesture involves research, and in some cases, DNA, to capture the history in the family tree. During our collaboration call, you’ll see how I can make this as easy and stress free as possible.

Heirloom Poster Art can be designed in the following styles: Parents (Pedigree), Cousins (Descendent), Living Styles (no surnames or life dates). It starts with a GEDCOM file from you. Get a “How-To-Download My Gedcom” here.

Book a Collaboration Call with Sue:

Art Proofs

I will edit your family data for consistent place-names. This will be the first proof you receive. It’s the best time to take a close look for obvious errors. The second proof is the exciting first peek at your art!

Your ancestor’s story will unfold with a gorgeous colour palette and background.

… your passion for ancestry research and exceptional artistic ability came to my rescue. The details were astounding and I was completely surprised about some of the facts you turned up on my family which only added to the story telling of my soon to be most excellent gift ever. The photos used for the background were beautifully illustrated and correlated exactly from where my family originated. There was a meaning to everything in my family tree, even the font you had chosen had a story to tell… It was truly a work of art, it was beautiful and even more meaningful to my mother than I had even hoped for. It was your attention to detail that allowed me to be a storyteller on Christmas day… ”  — Jason

Curation Service Add-Ons for Heirloom Poster Art