The Unordinary from C$?

Everything you can imagine is real
— Pablo Picasso

You have an idea, a dream, and know that you can’t do it alone. Who do you call? — Sue!

I love to brainstorm and create. I want to listen and learn to get the creative juices flowing around how you can take advantage of my special skill set: The marriage of history and genealogy, with graphic design. Together we can start to define what’s possible and how we will chart the way.

Most recently, for a client, I created quilting squares that will be part of a museum tapestry in Scotland! In past I have designed displays around town founding families and other pieces for libraries. My creme de la crème piece was designing an exhibit, that guided patrons through the process of discovering their family history.

This art can be for a personal dream, a family history group, a society — It is about making it happen. I want to hear about it.

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