What do you need to design my tree?

We need a gedcom file! This is an easy export from most online and desktop genealogy software.

I have no research, what can I do, where do I start?

Take a deep breath and just decide to start! Take a read to decide your best plan.

Here are some great links to free sites that will help you get started:
If research is not your thing or you want a head start consider a Research Package.
What is a GEDCOM file?

When your family research is done online (Ancestry, myheritage) or in a genealogy application (Family Tree Maker, Reunion, Roots Magic) you can export the information as data in a GEDCOM file. Usually this is not difficult. Some sample instructions for exporting are available here for download.

My research is in papers, an old book, written out—definitely not in digital format. What now?

Family Ancestrees offers a Transcription Service.


I see that I will receive electronic files when you are done. I really want a printed poster and copies too. Can I get that?

Family Ancestrees can arrange printing for you. Just let us know when we are designing your poster so we can add this to your final quote.

I really want a poster printed on Canvas.

You can order prints through www.CostcoPhotoCenter.com, www.CostcoPhotoCenter.com or other online canvas print companies. Please request a Canvas-ready jpg when you order your poster and the file you receive will be suitable for a canvas print service. NOTE: Posters cannot be larger than 11 x 17” for print legibility.

My poster design is amazing I love it but… This year 2 cousins were married, 1 passed away and my sister had a baby!

Families are always changing. That’s a good thing! Family Ancestrees archives your art and can make changes for a small fee.

I discovered another branch of my tree!

Full branches may result in a new design and poster dimension changes. We can start with you current art and renovate your tree.


FREE Lottie Chart

Get a Free Lottie chart PDF when you sign-up. Perfect to start your history or to introduce a child to genealogy.

Talk To Us.

If you have more questions or ideas about posters, talk to us! We would love to hear your ideas and answer your questions.

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