Custom Mini Tree

custom mini tree

Maybe your family history is small or your research is just beginning. The information on a Custom Mini-tree is very similar to a Pedigree poster, only simplified.

The focus is on one living person and the current family is shown below this persons name. On the tree graphic, generations change colours with each older ancestor couple. Information includes names, birth — death years along with birthplaces. The tree is limited to four (4) generations in circles and three (3) below the Focus person’s name.

Once you’ve ordered we will send you an excel or if you have a gedcom, you can send that to us. Either way we will help you organize a Mini-tree and provide you with a PDF for printing.


How do I order?

  1. Place an order for $60

2. Next we send you an excel to fill out or…
3. If you have a tree, export your gedcom file.
4. These files are usually small enough for emailing. Send to:

Things to note:

  • A proof will be sent to you for review before the final art is ready.
  • Art is 11” x 14” so you can go and purchase a frame



How much does Mini-tree art cost?

Custom Mini-trees are $60. Once your filled out excel or gedcom is received it will done fairly quickly (2-3 days).

What are the Dimensions of my Custom Mini-Tree?

11” x 14”

What do I receive with my order?

You will receive a print-ready PDF file that be uploaded at your nearest photo-service or Costco.

FREE Lottie Chart

Get a Free Lottie chart PDF when you sign-up. Perfect to start your history or to introduce a child to genealogy.

Talk To Us.

If you have more questions or ideas about posters, talk to us! We would love to hear your ideas and answer your questions.

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