Ancestry DNA

Ancestry DNA Packages:

Self-Managed AncestryDNA Kit

The client completes the kit and sends it in AND they activate their own kit – requiring no further assistance
Includes a package containing:

  • An 8 Generation Pedigree Family Ancestrees fillable chart
  • A DNA Worksheet
  • Family Ancestree Sample sheet
  • Coupon for Family Ancestrees custom Poster ART
  • An Invitation to receive by email a small 5-generation fillable PDF and a AncestryDNA How to Report

Package: $175


Perfect for people who have already tested at Ancestry

You’ve done your DNA and you do not understand what the results mean. You want help. Family Ancestrees will take a look at your results and create a review for you, helping you to better understand your matches. The review includes helpful links to the Shared cM project, DNA Painter and a Leeds Method cluster chart of your matches. Did you know that your “raw DNA” can be uploaded to other sites for more matches and medical information? Links to where to find this are all included in the price.

Note: This will require sharing your AncestryDNA results and Ancestry Tree with Family Ancestrees. We will contact you with a private email to share to.

Results Review: $75

Managed Ancestry DNA Kit

The client completes the kit, Family Ancestrees Rep meets with client for 30 minutes to discuss, take notes and start a Family Pedigree for the client. Family Ancestrees activates the kit online, mails it in and manages the Ancestry profile.

A Family Pedigree is started online with the target of 4-6 generations within 5 hours of records hunting. Tree is attached to the DNA Profile. Customer retains full access to account.

Family Ancestrees will report back when results come in on the ethnicity and top cousin matches.
Includes a package described in “Self-Managed DNA Kit”

Package: $275

Fully Managed Ancestry DNA Kit

Includes everything described above in BOTH “Self-Managed Kit” and “Managed Kit” PLUS

5 Additional hours of research and moving RAW DNA to:

  • Gedmatch, FtDNA, MyHeritage* and Promethease (costs included)
  • Filled in paper 8-Generation Pedigree Family Ancestrees chart
  • Started DNA Worksheet for client to continue with
  • Leeds Chart & Surname profile Chart
  • The package price may change if upload pricing changes

Package: $450

FREE Lottie Chart

Get a Free Lottie chart PDF when you sign-up. Perfect to start your history or to introduce a child to genealogy.

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