Pedigree Posters


These beautiful trees are all about PARENTS and PARENTS OF PARENTS. Typically they feature seven (7) generations. Each circle includes the parents of the child in the circle below. It includes the birth-death year of each parent and their birthplace (as provided in your research).

We recommend no more than three generations when showcasing a family (below all the circles). The current family starts at the bottom of poster moving up to oldest generations at the top. If your research is without holes we recommend a maximum of 6 generations of Ancestors.

How do I order?
1. Orders are placed with a $75 deposit.

2. Next you export your gedcom file and gather the photos you want to use.
3. Upload your files to Family Ancestrees from this link

Things to note:

  • A proof will be sent to you for review before the final art is ready.
  • Spellings will be as provided
  • Birthplaces will be edited to show City/Town, Province/State and Country if outside of North America. This needs to be brief and will not include counties.
  • If you have not included data it will not appear


How much does a Pedigree Poster cost?
Pedigree Posters start at $150. A deposit of $75 is required along with a gedcom file and photos. Once all is received it will be assessed for final quote. Approval of this is needed to proceed.
Where additional costs may arise:

  • Photoshop work
  • Extensive editing
  • Additional person photos to add to the poster

What are the Dimensions of my poster?
The final size is based on the quality and content of your background image. It is also based on how much research you are wanting to show. The dimensions of posters are sized to commonly fit off-the-shelf frames found at Michaels, or similar stores. As the design progresses Family Ancestrees will notify you of the size best determined for your personal poster.

What do I receive with my Pedigree Tree Art order?
You will receive a print-ready PDF file and a small email-able jpg for sharing.
The benefit is no cost for shipping. You can arrange printing with any large format Printer near to you (Typically Sign-A-Rama, FedEx, Signs-R-Us). You can print as many copies as you chose.
If you want Family Ancestrees to provide prints we can arrange printing for you. Just let us know when we are designing your poster so we can add this to your final quote.

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