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Sale Ends July 16th, 2018

You wanted Summer Savings? We’ve got Summer savings.

Now you can order in bulk and save. Choose from any of the 5-packs listed below and let the fun begin. Both our Pedigree Charts and DNA worksheets measure 25” wide by 14” tall and arrive folded.

NOTE: Family Pedigree sheets can be ordered in French too. Drop us an email after you place your order to specify your language choice.

5 – 8 Generation Pedigree Sheets

Choose 5, 8-Generation Charts. A simple and beautiful way to share your family history! Capture extra detail with areas to add Spouse, Children, Siblings plus Aunts & Uncles. A perfect gift for the historian in your family! Beautiful enough to frame.

1 DNA worksheet + 4 – 8 Generation Pedigree Sheets

Choose 1 DNA Worksheet + 4, 8-Generation Pedigree sheets. Fine tune your DNA matches and then fill in Pedigree on these colourful sheets. Enough room for details of Spouse, Children, Siblings, Aunts & Uncles.

2 DNA Worksheets + 3 -8 Generation Pedigree Sheets

Choose 2 DNA Worksheets + 3, 8-Generation Pedigree sheets. Work through your DNA matches , Capture history and connect with your Most Recent Common Ancestors. Show them off and share your family history.

3 DNA Worksheets + 2 – 8 Generation Pedigree Sheets

Choose 3 DNA Worksheets + 2, 8-Generation Pedigree sheets. Multiple sheets make it easier to sort out your matches. Use the 8-Generation Pedigree sheets to reference family details – create a set for presentation!

4 DNA + 1 – 8 Generation Pedigree Sheets

Choose 4 DNA Worksheets + 1 8-Generation Pedigree sheet. When you need more than 1 sheet to sort out multiple DNA matches. Use the 8-Generation Pedigree sheet for reference as you find your Common Ancestors.

5 DNA Worksheets

Choose 5 DNA Worksheets. This is the perfect bundle for you if you discover a number of DNA matches that require sorting out OR you have been assigned the task of managing multiple DNA Profiles for your family and friends.

Fundraising for Genealogy Societies & Groups

8 Generation Pedigree Charts Fundraiser Opportunity! Get your LOGO branded on charts for free with your purchase of a minimum 100 copies at $275. Email us for pricing on higher quantities.

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